Siliguri, situated at a strategic location in the northern part of West Bengal. The town is a major commercial gateway to the seven northeastern states of India as well as three neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.  The city has seen a surge in population due to an influx of people in search of livelihood and trade. As with all growing cities there is an inevitable rise in various undesirable activities as also a massive surge in Traffic. The need was felt for a modern Police force in the city which can react to the enhanced requirement for a prompt and efficient Law enforcement. It was for this reason that the Commissionerate of police was developed on 4th August, 2012. The main mission of the Siliguri Mtropolitan Police is to provide and promote a peaceful, safe and secure environment to the city, so that every law-abiding individual living in or visiting the city can enjoy a good quality of life and achieve what they aspire for.

* People-friendly policing: often referred to as community policing where Law enforcement agency engages actively the community.

* A strong community-police interface where the members of the community are also made aware of their responsibilities and rights.

* Facilitation of convenient, seamless and 24X7 access to the police force both through physical access , 100 dial, as well as e- access. 

* Zero tolerance to violation of law, but at the same time enforcement of the law of the land with a human face, equity, honouring rights of the people and upholding the dignity of one and all.