• Shri Niraj Kumar Singh, IPS, C.P.

  • Shri Sunil Kumar Choudhary, IPS, Joint C.P.

  • Shri Sunil Kumar Yadav, IPS, D.C.P. Traffic.

  • Shri Sudeep Sarkar, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ).

  • Shri Gaurav Lal, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-I

  • Shri Tarun Halder, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-II


  • Pradhannagar PS case no. 588/17 dated 14.09.17,U/S 3/4/5/6/7/8 of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act- 1956 has been registered over the written complaint of Sri Manojit Sarkar inspector of Police of Pradhannagar PS/SPC to the effect that, on 13.09.17 at around 22.45 hrs, he received a source information regarding a prostitution racket with the girls from outside places of Siliguri, using the premise & rooms of Hotel S Square, 170/2 Petal Road, Pradhan Nagar  as brothel for their wrongful gain (.) Accordingly  he diarized the matter in GD vide PDN P.S  GDE No-  701 dtd 13.09.17 and  informed the matter to the superiors and as per the direction of Superiors he along with along other officers and force including lady constables  left for the place to verify the veracity of the information by govt. vehicles bearing reg. No. WB-74 Z/0715 (.)  At 23.15 hrs they reached at Hotel S Square, 170/2 Petal Road Pradhan Nagar cordoned off the Lodge styled as Hotel S Square and thereafter searched after disclosing the identities and ground of search before one Hotel employee who was present in front of reception counter namely Rajesh Hansda. Later, the police party  proceeded for search accompanied by the said employee and found four rooms viz room no. 201, 202, 203 and 205 of first floor, respectively  were closed from inside,  and it arose a strong reason to believe that some illegal act is going on inside those rooms(.) Accordingly, he knocked the rooms and found six male persons and four female were inside of those rooms indecent condition (.) On being asked they disclosed their name & identity as (1) Anmol Manger, (2) Manohar Chhetri, (3) Tanzang Bhutia, (4) Chogel Sherpa, (5) Kanchan Dey, (6) Soumen Saha, (7) Alisha Rai,(8) Nirufa Khatoon, (9) Anusha Tamang (10) Alisha Gurung(.)  On search four packets of condom were found which was seized in p