• Shri Nagendra Tripathi , IPS, D.C.P. Traffic/DD.

  • Shri Sudeep Sarkar, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ).

  • Shri Gaurav Lal, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-I

  • Shri Tarun Halder, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-II

  • Shri Sunil Kumar Choudhary, IPS, C.P.

MATIGARA P.S CASE NO. 709/16, DATED – 14.12.2016, U/S – 419/420/34 IPC

  • Matigara P.S Case No. 709/16, Dated – 14.12.2016, u/s – 419/420/34 IPC

    Over the written complaint of  S.I. Mrinmay Ghosh of Matigara P.S, SMP against the arrested accused persons namely  (i) Ankit Sinhal (29), S/O Anup Kr. Sinhal of  Pranami Mandir Road,  Rajshree Apartment, P.S – Siliguri, Dist – Darjeeling, (ii) Sajal Ranajan Dey (48 yrs), S/O Lt.  Swadesh Ranjan  Dey of Lake Town, Shibram Sarani, P.S – Bhaktinagar, Dist – Jalpaiguri, (iii)  Sudarsan Sen (41 years), S/O Lt. Asish Kr. Sen of Durgapur, Bidhannagar, P.S – LTB, (iv) Shyamal Sarkar (52), S/O Lt. Bimal Sarkar of Chinu Tower, Deshbandhu Para, P.S – Siliguri, Dist – Darjeeling, (v) Malay Kr. Roy, (47), S/O Sri. Chitta Ranjan Roy of 107/14, Banerjee Para Road, P.S – Jagattar,  Dist – North 24 Pargana, along with seized 127 (one twenty seven) new Indian Curency notes of Rs. 2000/- Total Rs. 2,54,000/- ( Two Lakhs Fifty four thousand ) new India Currency  having seril no. 7BB451399, 5BG062298, 7CR845883, 8BS789381, 0DE223918, 5BG066969, 4AQ562646, 5BG075990, 3BL830406, 3BL830402, 4AS539361, 6AT632354, 5AK753133, 6AT834553, 6AT632355, 5BG075991, 2BC199546, 9AS512962, 4AQ882312, 5BG589861, 4IW298229, 5BG560094, 5BG065445, 9AS640933, 9AT688690, 4AW231898, 5BG572766, 3CH179806, 0AA212339,8CB611817, 0AL539464, 0AA361344, 8CB611815, 8CB611816, 8CB456098, 0AA267177, 0AA204128, 0AA281487, 1CS281140, 1CS281137, 1CS281139, 1CS281138, 1CS696704, 0AL532442, 3CH176938, 0AA438805, 3CH118361, 7DN864072, 0AL501541, 3CH194415, 0AA260360, 7BS992476, 3CH118363, 3CH118362, 3CH118360, 3CH118359, 2GM002541, 0AA380442, 0AA364875, 0AA400953, 9AD144685, 0AA366592, 3AF448801, 3CH118936, 7BS993157, 2GM002542, 0AA364872, 0AA244389, 8BS664053, 0AA364877, 9BD852770, 5BP695706, 3CH122002, 4BQ760940, 3CH132438, 4BQ760906, 0AA268853, 0AA483805, 0AA268840, 0AA499034, 0AA364942, 0AA437293, 3CG266943, 3CH116289, 8BS820702, 3CH118788, 8BS820703, 0AL524409, ICS684900, 0AA455278, 8AM320683, 8BS820724. 0AA212566, 0AA212567, 0AA212568, 0AA212569, 0AA212570, 0AA212571, 0AA212572, 0AA263150, 0AA259569, 4BN363771, 8BS222449, 4BN383525, 7BS373663, 7BS373662, 4BN383532, 0BH536990, 8CF094726,  0AA263151, 0AA263152, 0AA263153, 0AA263154, 0AA263155, 0AA263156, 0AA263157, 0AA263158, 0AA263159, 0AA263160, 0AA263161, 0AA263162, 0AA263163, 0AA263164, 0AA263165, 0AA263166, 0AA263167, 0AA263168 and one Identity card  having Photograph and name of accused Malay Kr. Roy having sl. no. 7890 likely to be issued by Superintendent  of Police CBI DCB, Kolkata - 04  to the effect that today i.e, 14.12.2016 at about 12:35  hrs he received a secrete source information that some unknown persons are colleicting  new currency from different palaces of Siliguri area  with a identification as CBI Officer [.] Accordingly, he along with force rushed to the spot at City center to verify the veracity of information [.]  On  reached at City center Out Gate they found  that some persons were coming from Darjeeling more side on the way of NH-31 [.] Accordingly, as per indicate  by the source  we stopped the above noted accused persons in front of City center out gate, NH-31 [.] On interrogation they disclosed their identity as noted above [.] In that time one of them namely Malay Kr. Roy who introduce himself as a CBI officer [.] On asked he  produce before us a Identity Card of CBI which is  likely to be issued by Superintendent of Police C.B.I. D.C.B, Kolkata- 04 [.] After verification and contact to the CBI Brach, office Kolkata for his identification, from the office of CBI, Kolkata it could be learnt that there is  no any CBI personal in the name of Malay Kr. Roy at present in their office [.]  Later  they searched them in presence of local witnesses and during search we found a huge  number of new Indian currency Rs. 2000/- from the left pocket of the jacket of  Mr. Ankit Sinhal [.] On being  asked he could not produce any relevant documents in support of said new currency of Rs. 2000/- [.]  On further interrogation they confessed their guilt [.] The above noted accused persons cheated and thereby dishonestly induced the persons deceived to deliver the new Indian Currency Notes by the different places of Siliguri and Matigara area and also cheated by personation [.]   Accordingly, he seized the new Indian Currency of Rs. 2000/-  from the possession of Ankit Sinhal and one identity card from the possession of Malay Kr. Roy and  arrested them under proper memo of arrest [.] The whole process of search and seizure made in between 13:15 hrs to 15:05 hrs [.]  P.O -  City Center, P.S – Matigara, Dist – Darjeeling (.) I.O:-  S.I. Binod Singh Rawat   (.)  Arrest:- 05 persons arrested    (.) Investigation:-Proceeding (.)