• Shri Tripurari Atharv, IPS, C.P.

  • Shri Amitabha Maiti, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ).

  • Ms. Indira Mukherjee, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-I (East)

  • Shri Atul V, IPS, D.C.P., Zone – II (West)/ D.C.P. (Traffic).


  • Pradhannagar PS Case No-237/19

    • Pradhannagar PS Case No-237/19 Date- 05.05.19 U/S- 20 b(ii) of NDPS Act [.] Complainant:  SI Sanjoy Ghosh of  Pradhan nagar Dist Darjeeling  [.]P.O:  Siliguri Junction P.S- Pradhan Nagar, Dist- Darjeeling [.] D.O: on 04/05/19 at about 22:15 hrs [.]Gist of FIR: Started over the written complaint of SI Sanjay Ghosh  of Pradhan Nagar P.S, SMP to the effect that on 04/05/19 at about 22:15 hrs. received a input that one person was standing at Siliguri Junction traffic post  contained Ganja ready for move. Accordingly as per direction of I/C PDN PS complainant along with force left for the P.O. On reaching to the spot complainant detained the person and On being asked he confessed that he has possessed ganja in his bag for supplying the same to his designed customers at Krishnanagar as per requirement  .  Complainant then gave him option whether he wanted to be searched in presence of the Executive Magistrate or by any Gazetted Officer. Then he agreed to be searched by any one of them. Complainant served him a notice in accordance with provisions of law. Complainant sent requisition to SDO office Pradhannagar to bring an Executive Magistrate for the processes of search and seizure. But due to non availability of any magistrate, Sri Biswajit Ghosal, Inspector-in-charge of Pradhannagar Police Station, SPC arrived at the spot. Under the supervision of Sri Biswajit Ghosal, Inspector-in-charge of Pradhannagar Police Station, SPC and in presence of two independent public witnesses searched was conducted  and found i)  3 Kg 189 grams of said to be “Ganja” wrapped contained in transparent plastic and tied with brown colour cello tape and marked as  Exhibit-A, ii) 50 grams of said to be ganja extracted from exhibit “A” for examination and marked as exhibit A-1 iii) One black colour back pack bag written on it “ Factrack move on” and seized the same after proper labelling,as he failed to produce any valid document in support of possessing of the ganja. The seizure was made between 23:00.hrs to 23:45 hrs. On further interrogation the apprehend person confessed disclosed that he has been dealing in such business of selling the ganja illegally for last some months. Then complainant arrested the accd. person  Tapas sarkar (23) s/o Lt Rajendra Sarkar of 2 no. Mag Pala, Madhya para,  Nishiganj, PS Sitalkuchi, Coochbehar has violated the terms and condition of Narcotic Drugs for possessing Ganja without any valid authority & license.  [.] I.O: SI Haren Mahanta [.] Arrest: 01(one)[.]  Investigation:  Proceeding [.]