• Shri Tripurari Atharv, IPS, C.P.

  • Shri Amitabha Maiti, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ).

  • Ms. Indira Mukherjee, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-I (East)

  • Shri Atul V, IPS, D.C.P., Zone – II (West)/ D.C.P. (Traffic).


  • Matigara PS Case No- 263/19

    • Matigara PS Case No- 263/19, Date-23/04/19, U/S -20(b)(ii)(B) NDPS Act  == Started on the basis of written complaint of SI Sibdhan Karmakar of Matigara Police station, Siliguri Police Commissionerate lodged a written complaint against namely Asma @ Ambia Bibi(25), W/O- Md. Saidul of Biswas Colony, beside Rail Track, PS- Matigara, Dist, Darjeeling to the effect that on 23. 04.19 at about 14:20 hrs. received a specific source input that one  lady namely Asma @ Ambia Bibi has possesses a huge quantity of Ganja at her possession and is waiting at Matigara by-pass more with one white colour nylon bag which containing Ganja for selling the said consignment of ganja to her designed customers for her wrongful gain. This refers to Matigara P.S. GDE NO- 1226 date 23/04/19. Accordingly the fact is informed O/C Matigara P.S. in writing and  as per his kind direction  SI Sibdhan Karmakar with ASI Ratan Pradhan,  Lady Constable 1324 Lalita Singh and others all of Matigara PS left for Matigara by-pass more  to verify the veracity of the information. At about 14.45 hrs they arrived at Matigara by pass under PS-Matigara and called two independent witnesses namely (a) Sakil Ahmed (27), (b) Md. Anif( 45)and requested to accompany with them as witnesses during search and seizure.  As identified by the source they apprehended the lady along with her bag and who disclosed her identity as noted above.  On being asked she confessed that she has possessed ganja in her bag for selling the same to her designed customers as per requirement. Then she was given option whether she wanted to be searched in presence of Executive Magistrate or by any Gazetted Officer but she agreed to be searched by one of them. Accordingly he contact with O/C Matigara Ps regarding presence of Gazetted officer for search and seizure as per direction he informed Sri Pranab Sikdar, Assistannt Commissioner of Police, Traffic West, Siliguri Police Commissionerate to remain present at Matigara Bypass more to supervise the search and seizure being the gazette officer.  At 16.15 hrs Sri Pranab Sikdar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Traffic West, SPC arrived at the spot and in presence of two independent witnesses searched the detained lady following the strict decency and recovered 07 kg 630 grams of said to be ganja in one packet and labeled and sealed all the articles in presence of the Sri Pranab Sikdar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Traffic West, SPC. The seizure was made between 16:20 hrs to 17:15 hrs. On being asked she disclosed that she has been dealing in such business of   selling the ganja illegally for last one year.  Thereafter she is arrested after observing all guidelines of Apex court of arrest. [.] PO- Matigara By Pass More , P.S- Matigara, Dist- Darjeling [.] Arrest-01(One) [.] IO- SI Prakash Saha[.] Investigation has been proceeding[.]