• Shri Tripurari Atharv, IPS, C.P.

  • Shri Amitabha Maiti, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ).

  • Ms. Indira Mukherjee, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-I (East)

  • Shri Atul V, IPS, D.C.P., Zone – II (West)/ D.C.P. (Traffic).


  • Matigara PS Case No. 215/19

    • Matigara PS Case No. 215/19 Dt. 05.04.19 U/S- 399/402 IPC R/W Sec- 25 (i) (a)/27 Arms Act.     Started on the basis of written complaint of SI Binup Mahato of Matigara Police Station, Siliguri Police Commissionerate to the effect that on 05/04/19 at 01:05 hrs he received a source information that 6/7 youths have assembled behind Chandmoni T.E. Primary school, under Matigara PS with deadly weapons and making preparation for dacoity at the area. Accordingly, the complainant had shared the information with O/C, Matigara PS, SPC and as per his kind direction diarized the fact in GD vide Matigara PS GDE No.214, date-05/04/2019 and consequently, the complainant and others available officers and force left PS and after reaching to the spot with a view to verify the veracity of the information. At 01:25 hrs reaching behind the Chandmoni T.E Primary School and keeping the vehicle in reasonable distance, the police team proceeded on foot and being indicated by the source found from a considerable distance that a gang of 6/7 persons were assembled behind Chandmoni T.E Primary School  and they were approaching in very low voice. Accordingly, the Police team cordoned the place properly and approach towards them. But seeing the presence police party, they scattered in multi direction started fleeing away. But the complainant and men managed to apprehend four persons who identified as (1) Akash Rai(20), S/O- Birbahadur Rai of Matigara bypass More PS- Matigara Dist- Darjeeling, (2) Suraj Darjee (19), S/O- Padam Bahdur Darjee of Dagapur ,Bandrijote PS- Pradhan nagar Dist-Darjeeling , (3) Hassan Raja (20), S/O- MD. Alauddin of Ratanlal busty behind Hotel Piyashi PS- Pradhannagar, Dist- Darjeeling and (4) Niroj Thapa (19), S/O- Jagadish Thapa of Dom busty,Alam Busty  Matigara bazaar  PS- Matigara Dist- Darjeeling u/s 41CrPC along with 01 iron made improvised Fire Arms having its trigger and firing pin measuring approx 25 cm (approx) in length including its butt body and barrel (approx 16.5 cm)(i) 1(one) iron made improvised Fire Arms having its trigger and firing pin measuring approx 25 cm (approx) in length including its butt, body and barrel (approx 16.5 cm) being the butt wrapped with black tape and  loaded with one point 303 ammunition 3 inches (approx) in length inscribed “KF-72” on the percussion cap of the ammunition. (ii)One iron Haswua measuring 1 ft.4 inches (approx) in length including wooden butt measuring 8 inches (approx) from the possession of  ) Akash Rai  which was kept concealed on his back side, (iii)One iron chisel measuring 1 ft. 1 inches  (approx) in length from the possession of  Suraj Darjee  which was hold by him on his left hand, One iron made sword  measuring 1 ft.8 inches  (approx) in length including 6 inches petal butt  from the possession of Niroj Thapa which was kept concealed on his back side, u/s 102 CrPC from their possession preparing proper Seizure List in between 0135 hrs to 03:05 hrs. After due interrogation to the arrested accused persons the SI Binup Mahato has lodged this written complaint to arrange for its investigation, after producing arrested persons and sized articles to the PS [.] P.O- Behind the Chandmoni T.E Primary School [.]PS- Matigara[.] Dist- Darjeeling [.] Arrest: - 04 (one)[.]   I.O- ASI Ratan Pradhan[.]  Investigation has been proceeding [.]