BHAKTINAGAR PS CASE NO. 506/18 DT. 27.10.18

  • Bhaktinagar PS Case No. 506/18 Dt. 27.10.18

    •  that on 27.10.18 at about 01.55 hrs acting on tip of secret information that some criminals having past criminalities have assembled under Mahananda river side, Gandhi Nagar PS Bhaktinagar dist- Jalpaiguri with deadly weapon like Fire Arms, Hasua etc and preparing to commit any crime against Property in the area. Accordingly the matter was diarized Vide BKN PS GDE No. 1263 dt.27.10.18 and informed to I/C PS. As per direction of I/C PS, ASI Biswajit Adhikary along with force left the PS to verify the veracity of information. On way the complainant try to pick up indendent witnesses but as it odd hours of Night, no witnesses was available. On way till their arrival at the P.O, subsequently, they rushed to the spot under the bridge of Mahananda river side and reached at 02.35 hrs. On reaching near the P.O from a considerable distance and walked towards the swasan and could noticed 10/12 persons had accumulated there and gossiping in low voice. Then the police party corded the place but somehow they came to know about police presency and tried to escape under the cover of darkness. On hot chase the police party could be able to apprehend the accused persons who disclosed their identity as 1) Tapash Halder 2) Santu Das 3) Sayan Barman along deadly weapons. On search I0 One Iron Pipe measuring approx 24’’ and diameter approx 4.5’’ wide having wooden handle 5’’ was recovered from the possession of Tapash Halder, ii) One Knife measuring 17’’ in length having wooden handle of approx 5’’ recovered from the possession of accused person Santu Das and iii) One improvised Gun, Barrel & Triger, Butt measuring 6’’, Barrel measuring 4.5 and Chamber measuring2.5’’ recovered from possession of accused person Sayan Barman. On interrogation they stated that they have assembled there for preparing to commit dacoity at Gandhinagar area under this PS. Accordingly the complainant seized the above note articles and then after he arrested them after issuing memo of arrest. Based this, the above noted case was recorded and I took up its investigation as per endorsement.  Bhaktinagar PS Case No. 506/18 Dt. 27.10.18 U/S 399/402 IPC R/W Sec 25(i) (a) Arms Act. One person arrested and one weapon was recovered.