BAGDOGRA P.S CASE NO.352/18 DATED 19.11.18

  • Bagdogra P.S case No.352/18 dated 19.11.18

    •  On 19/11/18 receive a complaint from one Bappai Sarkar S/o Laxmi Kanta Sarkar of Khudirampally, P.S- Bagdogra, Dist.-Darjeeling to the effect that on 18.11.2018 at about 07.30 pm the complainant’s mother namely Lakhi Sarkar received a telephone call from cell phone No. 9832565150 which has been subscribed in the name of Ajay Das S/O Narayan Ch. Das.  The complainant also alleged that the said Ajay asked her mother to come to his residence.  Accordingly the complainant’s mother left her house at 08:00 PM and she did not return back home.  The complainant and other tried to trace out the missing person but in vain .Later on 19/11/18  at about 04:00 AM the complainant and others found his mother Laxmi Sarkar lying on the road in a pool of blood in front of the entrance of his neighbor Pravin Halder house.  On seeing blood stains the complainant and others went inside the house of said Ajay Das and found there huge sign of tussle and blood stain at the house of Ajay Das as well.  The complainant alleged that they also found some sign of blood on the body of Ajay Das.  Ajay Das had a due of cash Rs. 25000/- to the complainant’s mother and only to get back that due amount the complainant’s mother went to the house of Ajay Das. The complainant believes that Ajay Das has murdered his mother with well preparation and planning and started Bagdogra P.S case No.352/18 dated 19.11.18 u/s 302 IPC Arrest: 01 person arrested & forwarded before Ld. court (.)