Road Safety Tips

1. Check your vehicle before taking it out on road.

2. Do not use your mobile phone whilst driving.

3. Belt up in the back

4. Don’t mix drink with drive.

5. Always adhere to speed limits.

6. Keep your eyes on the road. Talking on a cell phone or reading a map can distract you and lead to an accident. Keep in mind that a distracted driver might also be near you. Drive cautiously.

7. Be alert near parked cars. Someone could open a car door or pull out in front of you.

8. Don’t drive sleep-deprived. Sleep is not a matter of willpower, but a biological need. If you become drowsy, pull off the road and get some rest.

9. When passing another car, get past the driver’s blind spot as quickly and safely as possible.

10. Keep your distances from 5 to 10 meters.

11. Avoid High Speeds and control speed at important crossing, bus-stand areas, school & hospital area and also at congested area.

12. Help in traffic management and Traffic Police.

13. Take special care about children, senior citizens and pedestrians.

14. Always observe and anticipate other road users

15. Drive to care not to dare.

16. Day or night you should obey traffic rules.