Mission and Vision


The mission of Siliguri Police Commissionerate is to enhance quality of life of people in its jurisdiction ensuring enforcement of laws, preserving peace and promoting a safe environment.

In pursuance of its mission —

  • Siliguri Police Commissionerate will be committed to maintenance of Law & Order, prevention and detection of crime and promotion of societal harmony.
  • Siliguri Police Commissionerate will strive to ensure discipline on public roads by effective traffic management to facilitate smooth flow of traffic even while minimizing road accidents.
  • Siliguri Police Commissionerate will strive to win trust and cooperation of community by being a disciplined, responsible and transparent police committed to highest standards of integrity.
  • Siliguri Police Commissionerate is committed to protecting rights of people and respect the dignity of each individual.


Our shared- vision is to create a process oriented, responsive and people friendly police organization upholding human dignity through constabulary empowerment, community partnership and a culture of continuous improvement in service delivery.