From The Desk of The Commissioner of Police

Smt C.S.Lepcha, IPS

Commissioner of Police

Welcome to Siliguri Metropolitan Police Website. Siliguri Police Commissionerate, inaugurated on 4th August, 2012 is aimed at providing Citizen centric Policing. centric Policing. Siliguri Metropolitan Police has jurisdiction extending to 640 sq kms consisting of Siliguri Municipal Corporation area and adjoining suburban areas. Siliguri being an important transit point having interstate Bus Terminus, New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and Bagdogra Airport assumes an important place in the tourism map and is considered to be the gateway of North East India.

Our Mission & Vision

Siliguri, situated at a strategic location in the northern part of West Bengal. The town is a major commercial gateway to the seven northeastern states of India as well as three neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.  The city has seen a surge in population due to an influx of people in search of livelihood and trade. As with all growing cities there is an inevitable rise in various undesirable activities as also a massive surge in Traffic. The need was felt for a modern Police force in the city which can react to the enhanced requirement for a prompt and efficient Law enforcement. It was for this reason that the Commissionerate of police was developed on 4th August, 2012. The main mission of the Siliguri Mtropolitan Police is to provide and promote a peaceful, safe and secure environment to the city, so that every law-abiding individual living in or visiting the city can enjoy a good quality of life and achieve what they aspire for.

* People-friendly policing: often referred to as community policing where Law enforcement agency engages actively the community.

* A strong community-police interface where the members of the community are also made aware of their responsibilities and rights.

* Facilitation of convenient, seamless and 24X7 access to the police force both through physical access , 100 dial, as well as e- access. 

* Zero tolerance to violation of law, but at the same time enforcement of the law of the land with a human face, equity, honouring rights of the people and upholding the dignity of one and all.

Our Jurisdiction

The Siliguri Metropolitan Police comprises of an area of 640.62 Sq.Kms having jurisdiction over 5 Police stations out of which 4 Police Stations namely Siliguri P.S, PradhanNagar P.S., Matigara P.S and Bagdogra P.S falls under the jurisdiction of Revenue District of Darjeeling where as Bhaktinagar P.S. falls under the Jurisdiction of Revenue District of Jalpaiguri. To ensure the effective policing and proper supervision over the five Police Stations, the area is divided into 2 divisions namely East Division comprising of Siliguri P.S and Bhaktinagar P.S. and West division comprising of Pradhannagar P.S.,Matigara P.S. and Bagdogra P.S.

Apart from this there are specilized wings under this commissionerate are Women P.S, Cyber Crime Unit and Detective Department. Similarly the Traffic Division is also divided into following 6 Traffic Guards to ensure better traffic managements. 

Latest Update

  • Date - 2016-10-17
    "                                                     GOOD WORK DONE

    Matigara P.S Case No. 448/16 dated 12.08.16 u/s 489B/489C IPC

    Started over the written complaint of S.I. Mrinmay Ghosh of Matigara P.S, SMP  to the effect that on 12.08.16 at 08.15 hrs, as per  source information the complainant along  with other force and lady Police had been to Shivmandir, Medical More on NH-31 and apprehended one lady namely Smt Anita Sha (27)W/O Kali Sha of Masjid Para, Gossairpur, P.S. Bagdogra, Dist. Darjeeling coming from Bagdogra side by Bus and maintaining all decency and formalities searched the apprehended Anita Sha and found (i) 02 Nos. of Rs 1000/ denomination Notes likely to be Fake Indian Currency Notes and (ii) 07 Nos. of Rs. 500/- denomination Notes likely to be Fake Indian Currency Notes from her Brown Coloured ladies vanity bag [.] On demand she failed to produce any relevant documents for possessing/procuring cash Rs 5500/- likely to be Fake Indian Currency Notes with her [.]  Accordingly, he seized total Rs 5500/-(02 pieces of Rs. 1000/- denomination Notes likely to be fake Indian Currency Notes & 07 pieces of Rs. 500/- denomination Notes likely to be Fake Indian Currency Notes) under proper seizure list in presence of witnesses duly signed by them and also arrested  accused Anita Sha [.]  The whole process of search, seizure and arrest took place in between 08:55 hrs to 09:55 hrs [.] P.O – Shibmandir Medical More, P.S – Matigara, Dist – Darjeeling [.] I.O – S.I. Nur Alam Siddik [.] Arrest – 01 person arrested [.]Investigation: Proceeding (.)



  • Date - 2016-09-28

    N.J.P OP is now N.J.P Police Station

    From dated.22.09.2016 N.J.P. Out-Post comes under Bhaktinagar PS has been declared as Police Station under Siliguri Metropolitan Police vide Government Order No.4154-PL/PB/4P-5/14 Dated. 23.09.2016 (Department’s Notification No.4029 – PL, Dated.19.09.2016 read with Notification No. 4028 – PL, Dated.19.09.2016. In this  new PS Two Out-Post namely- Milanpally  &  Ambari are added from Bhaktinagar PS."

  • Date - 2016-08-19


    Following the prescient view of Mamata Banarjee Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal on the issue of everyday deaths related to road traffic accident and the need for safe driving which is an essential component of road safety. Siliguri Metropolitan Police under the leadership of Smt. C.S Lepcha IPS, Commissioner of Police Siliguri Metropolitan Police has successfully launched “Safe Drive Save Live” Programme in Siliguri on 19.08.2016.

    Smt C.S Lepcha, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Siliguri Metropolitan Police delivered inaugural speech emphasising the motto of “Safe Drive Save Life” and advising general people to follow the traffic rules while driving in order to avoid traffic accident. Furthermore, she emphasised these tragedies can be prevented by changing people’s behaviours. She asked people to avoid speeding, drinking & driving, using mobile phones when driving and also asked the people to use   seat- belts, motorcycle helmets etc.


  • Date - 2016-08-19

    Further, she said that Road Safety Awareness programme is an ideal opportunity to promote life saving messages and to show the commitment to road safety to the drivers & riders and their families by implementing a safe system of Traffic Rules and Regulation such as “No Helmet No Petrol” etc.

    All the respectable persons  Shri Rabindra Nath Ghosh , Hon’ble Minister –In- Charge  North Bengal Development Department  Shri, James Kujur Hon’ble Minister In- Charge Tribal Development Department , Govt. of West Bengal , Shri, Baichung Bhutia Chairman North Bengal Sports Council, Shri, Barun Roy, IAS Divisional Commissioner Jalpaiguri Division, Shri N.R. Babu IPS, Addl. Director General & Inspector General of Police North Bengal,  other Govt. dignitaries, NGOs, Students, Organisations, Unions, media,  Citizens, Clubs and Police personnel enormously  participated to make  the programme a grand success.


  • Date - 2016-08-18


                                                                          IN SILIGURI.


                    Siliguri Metropolitan Police celebrated the festival of brotherhood “RAKSHA BANDHAN ” on 18.08.2016 at Airview More, Siliguri.  “ Some Kanya Shree students from different schools and lady Police personnel ”  of  Siliguri Metropolitan Police took active part on this occasion conveying messages  “ SAFE DRIVE SAVE LIFE” and tied  “RAKHI ” to the drivers and riders on the road with the prayer and well wishes.

                On this auspicious occasion, all the ranks of Police Personnel under the leadership of Smt. C.S Lepcha IPS, Commissioner of Police, Siliguri Metropolitan Police also took active part to make the programme a grand success.



  • Date - 2016-08-04


                Siliguri Metropolitan Police celebrated its 4th raising day today on 04.08.2016 at Mallaguri Police lines. Smt. C.S Lepcha, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Siliguri Metropolitan Police took the salute which was followed by Muster Parade, Flag Hoisting , cake cutting ceremony and facilitation to the public for their good work and help to the Police for detection and prevention of crime in the area. Commissioner of Police also facilitated dog squad for their good job.

    Siliguri Metropolitan Police was formed as Police Commissionerate after bifurcating Darjeeling District Police and some part of Jalpaiguri District Police on 04th 08.2012.

    Smt. C.S Lepcha IPS, Commissioner of Police, SMP addressed all ranks of the formation at special Muster Parade emphasising the dedication of duties right from CP to Constables even Home Guards  and Civic Volunteers towards  the service of  the citizens in this region and conveyed her greetings to all ranks and their families on this occasion.

    On the Raising day Siliguri Metropolitan Police has planned for an interactive session between police personnel and citizens of Siliguri at Shivam Palace which would comprise of students, guardians, teachers, Media personnel, social activists etc.

    The purpose of interactive session is to gather suggestions from the people to improve the functioning of Police in the region and also to enlighten the people about the traffic rules and regulations, their rights, obligations and duties.


  • Date - 2016-07-28

                                                             SAFE DRIVE SAVE  LIFE IN SILIGURI

    Following the initiative of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee , Siliguri Metropolitan Police under the leadership of Smt. C.S Lepcha, IPS ,Commissioner of Police has successfully organised “ SAFE  DRIVE SAVE LIFE” programme in Siliguri today on 28.07.2016.

                All the respectable  govt. dignitaries, NGOs, Students, Media , Citizens and  Police Personnel took active part in this programme.

                The dignitaries addressed the people advising them to follow the traffic rules while driving in order to avoid accidents and unnecessary hassle in the road.

                The slogans of “NO HELMET NO PETROL” “SAFE DRIVE SAVE LIFE” was emphasised upon. A motor cycle helmet  rally was also organised keeping in mind the “NO HELMET NO PETROL” rule.

                Lastly, the Commissioner of Police gave a vote of thanks emphasising that the traffic rules are to be followed not only by the two wheeler riders but also by the drivers of all the vehicles, so that there is no inconvenience/accidents and all the travellers reach their respective homes safely.